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February 5 2014

So I know it’s been awfully quiet on our end lately, but honestly we’ve just been unpacking so there really hasn’t been much to report these past few days. We have had a couple major projects up our sleeve though, one of which involves the disgusting popcorn ceiling in our living / dining room.


¬†As I mentioned in our home tour, this was the only room in the entire house that had popcorn ceilings. We’re assuming they wanted to hide some cracks or leaks since it had been used as a rental for so long, and popcorn ceilings tend to be a quick fix. Why? I have no idea. We were sort of in a pickle though because we knew our house is 80 years old, but we had no idea when the popcorn was applied. Meaning. We had no idea if the popcorn contained asbestos or not. We had initially planned to scrape the ceilings ourselves but the fear of the unknown (and the type of cancer that runs in my family) was weighing heavily on us, and we both agreed that professional abatement was the way to go. We knew that we needed to have it removed before we moved in. Otherwise. Holy mess. So we had a few contractors come out to give us their bids, and they got to work right away.



They covered our freshly refinished floors with paper, then literally covered every surface except for the ceiling with plastic. It was like a plastic fortress.




All of the white on the floor? Yeah that was popcorn.



They removed all of the popcorn, reinforced our ceiling in a few areas, retextured it with a nice orange peel finish, and painted it flat white. Let’s take one last look at the before.



Isn’t it so much better? It honestly makes the ceilings look higher. Probably because we no longer have stalactites hanging over our heads. We had them completely remove the gross (and sagging) ceiling fan and crystal chandelier (anyone want it??) because we knew were going to replace them. Also we plan to have our dining room near the fireplace and our living room where the chandelier is. It just didn’t make sense to leave them up even though we didn’t have anything to go up in their place.

We already know that we’ll end up hanging this pendant over the dining room side, but have been debating over what to hang over the living room side. We didn’t want a ceiling fan because we didn’t think we would really use it. We also didn’t want anything that hung similar to the dining pendant so that it didn’t look like a bunch of pendants when you walked in the door. We wanted something flush or semi-flush to the ceiling that just sort of blends in with the space without being too hey-look-at-me-I’m-a-light-hear-me-roar. Here are some of the styles we’ve been tossing around.

Screen Shot 2014-02-04 at 11.41.50 PM1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8

I think I’m leaning toward numbers 1, 5, and 7. What do you guys think?

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13 thoughts on “hit the road popcorn ceilings

  1. Kristen E.

    I like number 5 the best!!

    As for the popcorn; can you imagine if you would have DIY? I shiver at the clean up routine after that mess! I would’t have known to Saran-wrap the room either! :)


    Catharine Reply:

    Ugh I know. It would have been horrible. I mean we would have needed a dumpster I’m sure!


  2. Tracy Jabbal

    and UGH popcorn ceilings! My parents’ ENTIRE place in Plano had popcorn ceilings…


    Catharine Reply:

    Same here! It was definitely a thing back in the 70s / 80s I always remember picking it off as a kid. So I probably have asbestos poisoning anyway lol


  3. Michaela

    That plastic filled room reminds me of Dexter!
    What a mess, I think it was worth it in the long run to have the pro’s come in and do it



    Catharine Reply:

    Right? It was disgusting. Definitely a job for the pros :)


  4. Tamara

    I liked all three really. That chandelier is cool if you like that shabby style. What about trying to sell it to any number of the architectural salvage places in SA?

    Can’t wait to see what’s next.


    Catharine Reply:

    I’ve thought about that! I’m sure someone will want to sell it in their shop right?


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