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October 28 2013

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Oh hey. Remember me? Remember when I decided to unintentionally take the (entire???) summer off from the blog. So that happened. But in that time I’ve noticed a few things: 1. Um where the heck did the last 5 months go? (why yes, Texas summers are at least 5 months long.. and then some) 2. I really miss blogging, 3. so much has happened in our lives since we last talked (typed?), 4. not so many DIY projects have happened (okay so I hung some art, big whoop). Therefore busy life + family + etsy shop (holy bananas does that keep me busy) + job + lack of projects = nothing to really write about, and no time to really do it anyway. Forgive me? Can we be friends again? Okay good. Because I have some exciting (almost official) news.

We kind of almost have a house.

For those of you who have owned a house and gone through the (seriously) agonizing process of house hunting, know what we mean by “kind of almost” when we say “we’ve made an offer, extended our option period, gone through inspection/renegotiations, and we are under contract. For those of you who haven’t gone through this process (and what we would have thought a few months back) this doesn’t mean we have a house yet. It means that there are still things that could go wrong causing us to lose said house. The only thing standing in our way now is the appraisal. I didn’t realize this when we started this adventure, but the bank will only loan you whatever the house is appraised for. So if your dream house is appraised at $30,000 less than accepted offer you made, you will have to fork over the difference of $30,000 upfront (on top of your down payment). Yikes. This is probably the only time we will actively wish for our house to appraise ridiculously high. This is the stage we are at now. So. Fingers crossed!

We don’t want to give you too many details about our just-at-our-fingertips humble abode because it isn’t ours yet, and we really don’t want to jinx it. But it’s a gem. And as of now our closing date is November 30th. Literally the day after Thanksgiving, which we have planned to host since before we got married, so. Panic attack. Needless to say this entire process has been a rollercoaster of emotions. We have gone from being so excited about a home that was then unethically stollen from us (obviously it wasn’t meant to be) to feeling so overwhelmed and exhausted that we’ll never find “the one” in our price range. But in the end, we’ve learned a lot throughout this process. So I plan to share with you guys some of our tips, mistakes, things to know, and our overall experience with home buying. Woo!

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6 thoughts on “it’s fall ya’ll! ..and other updates

  1. Rachel Daily

    I’m in the same boat! It’s so incredibly stressful. I had mine, got accepted, got accepted, panicked, freaked out, pulled out, and now want to move out of the state though so – you’re doing ok.


    Catharine Reply:

    Ha! Yeah that’s exactly how I felt! I kept getting so many feelings like “are we doing the right thing?” “what if it’s taking so long for a reason and we aren’t supposed to have this house and we’re making a huge mistake!?” Ugh. haha :)


  2. AmandaG

    I’ve bought and sold a few different houses, so I know the stress that comes from house hunting (but I kind of love it). If your appraisal comes in lower than what you contracted, then renegotiate the price of the house with the seller rather than bringing the difference to closing. If the seller wants to sell, they’re going to have to negotiate, because they will be required to disclose the appraisal to the next buyer if their current one backs out if they don’t want to negotiate price after a low appraisal. The next buyer isn’t going to want to pay more for a house than what it’s appraising for. It’s what I would do. Hope that makes sense. Hope it all works out!


    Catharine Reply:

    Hi Amanda! We would love to negotiate, however we’ve already negotiated a lot already with the seller, and I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t want to budge anymore. They’ve already been more than gracious to us. Any other home I wouldn’t think twice about renegotiations, but this is a special case. So we’re kind of putting all of our eggs in one basket over here and just waiting :) But you have a good point about disclosing the appraisal to future buyers, I had forgotten about that, that’s definitely a strong bargaining chip!


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