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August 26 2013

Okay I’ll let the cat out of the bag. My recent absence from the blog is from something (completely unrelated to this) we’re house hunting! It all started about a month ago and it has been a very exciting, challenging, frustrating, humbling, discouraging, and nerve-wracking experience. You know the show House Hunters? Yeah. Actual house hunting is nothing like that. I mean duh. We knew that. But I also didn’t know it would be THIS hard, and this exhaustingI’ll write a much more in depth post on the ups and downs of our personal house shopping experience, but that’s another story for another time.

That being said, the type of house we are drawn to is of the era where closets are at a minimum and square footages are small and cozy. And as you all know.. we (okay I) have a lot of stuff. And there is something about the frustration and lost hope of never finding a place to call home that makes you want to ravage through your closet and pare down your life. Or maybe it’s just me? Is it a girl thing? I mean it feels like the total opposite of nesting.

photo copy

Considering I just sent heaping bags of clothing to donate before our last move, the items left to pare down feel too nice to just give away. So I’ve decided to sell them to all of you via my new instagram account @yourmodernyardsale. And any item that doesn’t end up selling will end up being donated. So everyone wins!

So here are the rules:

Screen Shot 2013-08-24 at 5.24.38 PM

So really all you have to do is follow @yourmodernyardsale on Instagram and be the first to comment on the item(s) you like. Then I will send you a Paypal invoice  to the email you provide and once I receive payment, I’ll ship it out to you ASAP! It’s that easy. For now we are going to start with clothing and accessories, but I’ll also be posting several home decor items to sell as well. I added a few of my favorite items this past weekend and will be updating that instagram account periodically with new items throughout the week so be sure to follow along so you don’t miss out on any super cool deals.

Let’s go shopping! :)

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11 thoughts on “introducing: your modern yard sale

  1. Tamara

    Oh I can’t wait to hear about house hunting!! It’s the best thing ever once it’s over, a choice has been made and the papers signed. You probably don’t need to hear this, but remember: when looking at a house, don’t ask ‘what were they thinking’, listen to what your mind’s eye is thinking. Anything can be changed but location.

    I’m looking at new listings everyday in 78201,78212 thanks to you and 78210 still since they are so cute. Love to hear about what you two are looking at.


    Catharine Reply:

    Hey Tamara! I’m going to email you soon to tell you where we’ve been looking! I think you’ll be pretty excited :)


  2. Lisa Burrell

    Hi there! I commented on an instagram pic for your yard sale a couple of days ago, but didn’t hear back. I forgot I even had a paypal acct, it had been SO long, but I made sure it was all set up and active. I assumed I’d see an invoice in my email but maybe not… I will log into paypal again since it’s really unfamiliar to me and maybe I missed something. Just didn’t want you to think I was ignoring you if you sent one! :)

    Thx, Lisa


    Catharine Reply:

    Hi Lisa!! I’m so sorry I’ve been in California all week and am flying back now, I would have just sent the invoice via the app but it doesn’t work the same for some reason so I’ll send it this evening and ship your necklace out tonight :) so sorry for the delay!


  3. Ali

    Ahh house hunting! My husband and I are doing the same thing. We are currently selling our small starter house and trying to find a much bigger one. I can definitely understand the humbling, frustrating part that you are experiencing. I hope you find something that you will both love! and soon! ;)


    Catharine Reply:

    Thank you so muh Ali! We almost had one and it got snatched up from under us due to an inexperienced selling realtor that didn’t understand what a bidding war was. Oh well, it wasn’t meant to be! :)


  4. Lisa Burrell

    Hi, I can’t reply to the comments already there for some reason, but just wanted to let you know I got the necklace and I love it! No worries at all about the delay, just wanted to make sure I didn’t mess up somehow. Thank you again!! :)



    Catharine Reply:

    Oh good! That’s really weird about the comments, I’ll look into that. I’m so glad you love it! :)


  5. Sarah

    Don’t get discouraged, Catharine!!! We looked at probably 80 houses before we found ours. It is a lot farther from where we wanted to be but it’s totally worth it and it led to getting to know a whole new part of town we never knew existed!!! Good Luck!!!!


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