all the cool kids wear socks in their hair

January 30 2012

I’ve been known to sport the occasional giant bun on top of my head. What can I say? I like the extra inch it gives me.

People [mostly strangers now that I think of it] always ask me how I get such a perfect bun, and if my hair is miles long. It isn’t, it’s all just an illusion. And now you too can fool your friends strangers into thinking you’re part Rapunzel:

Step One: Start out with your hair down. Obvy.

Step Two: Put your hair up to the ponytail height you desire. Remember the higher the hair the closer to God. Oh wait, that’s just in Texas.

Step Three: Take an old sock close to your hair color that has previously lost it’s mate, and cut off the toe.

Step Four: Start rolling the sock as tight as you can.

Step Five: Keep rollin’ rollin’ rollin’

Step Six: Pretty soon you’ll have a nice little donut. I like a big bun, so my donut is about 3″ in diameter, but if you want a smaller bun then either use a smaller sock or don’t roll it as much and cut the rest off.

Step Seven: Slide your ponytail through your sock donut, like so:

Step Eight: Bring the sock donut to the end of your ponytail and spread the ends of your pony around the sock like a palm tree.

Step Nine: Now roll the sock down your ponytail while tucking your hair under it as you roll. This part is difficult if you have layers and will look a little crazy about halfway down, but trust me it’s going to look fly. Also be sure to make a crazy serious face because bun rolling is no laughing matter.

Step Ten: Keep rolling until you can’t roll anymore. Remember to tuck as you go.

And voila! You have a totally awesome bun.

This is a favorite look of mine when either A. I want to look way cooler than I am or B. I really don’t feel like doing my hair. And the fun part is, you’ll never know if I’m feeling lazy or awesome. Bam.

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8 thoughts on “all the cool kids wear socks in their hair

  1. Edwina

    Love it! Love it! Do you use pins to hold it? It looks very Edwardian style and that is cool.


    the girl Reply:

    Nope! I guess with all of the rolling your hair just stays! I used to bobby pin it like crazy before the sock method, but this is WAY easier!


  2. Kira

    I used the sock method for a while but my hair is very fine and slippery and it would slide out. I got myself one of these ( and now it works even better! It’s made out of a sort of mesh-y material that grips the hair really well!


    the girl Reply:

    I read about these the other day and it said that you can get them at your local drug store, but I’ve never seen them. So amazon it is! The sock makes it a little to big for my liking so I think this will help. Also as the day goes on I’ll reach up to feel my bun and make sure it’s lookin good, and realize the sock is exposed and then wonder “omg who has seen my sock and how long has my sock been exposed?!?” lol #whitegirlproblems


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