my greatest halloween costume ever.

October 25 2011

Three years ago I decided to DIY my Halloween costume because I had negative money and no time [we're talking.. I made this after work on Halloween and had to be to a party at 8pm]. I don’t even know how I came up with a shower sponge, but it sounded easy enough to try! It was a big hit at the party, even though I hardly knew anyone there [considering I had only lived in SA for 2 weeks], and ever since then people have been asking me how I made it so I thought I’d do a little how to post.


1 bolt of tulle (in the color of your choice)

2yds of nylon rope (in the trimmings section)

1 million safety pins (size medium)

long tank top (that covers your butt)

leggings (optional, if you’re that kinda gal..)


Put your tank top on a hanger. It would definitely be easier to have a human as a model while you pin, but I was by myself so the hanger worked for me.


Start unrolling the tulle and unfolding it from the bolt. Start pinning the tulle to the tank top from the top and work your way around the tank top and down in a bunchy spiral. Bunch up the tulle and pin as you go. Don’t worry about covering every last bit right now. This layer is sort of your “primer”.


Once you’ve covered most of your tank top try it on to see how the shape is working for you. Then start cutting the remaining tulle into giant squares and bunch those and pin them to fill in the voids. Remember you’re making a sponge so try to keep everything looking round (add more fluff to the middle). Keep bunching and pinning until you have about 1′ of tulle left.


Cut your remaining tulle half creating 2 long 6″ strips (the length of the bolt) and use each one to wrap around the straps of your tank top. I went back and forth a little bit to cover it all since mine was black. And then pin your strap covers in place.


Take your rope and fold it in half and then twist the two halves and tie it into a knot to create the sponge string. Pin this anywhere you want on your sponge. Now put your leggings on and you’re good to go!

WARNING: It is literally impossible to sit, drive, or wear a seatbelt while dressed as a shower sponge. Luckily I wasn’t going far so I made it work, BUT if I were you I would wear the leggings and another tank top while you’re in a car and then slip the sponge on before going to the party. Just a thought ;) Luckily I didn’t get pulled over because I really didn’t want a cop to laugh at me..

Here are some other random pictures from that evening to give you shots at other angles of this ridiculous ensemble:

Photos courtesy of Arlene.

So I’ve yet to attempt topping this costume. Because it really was that good a conversation starter. What was your best Halloween costume? What are you going to be this year? It’s on a Monday which is super weird, but what can ya do?

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4 thoughts on “my greatest halloween costume ever.

  1. crystal-FRESH

    I can’t wait to post a picture of my costume for this year! You’re going to LOVE it! :P

    I promise it’s not scary!


    the girl Reply:

    OMG I can’t wait! As long as you aren’t covered head to to in yellow paint ;)


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