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January 28 2011

With a new year comes new trends, and one of the biggest interior design trends of 2011 is typography. It’s a new way to have fun, colorful, graphic and modern art in your home. Also, it’s super inexpensive, each of these prints is under $25.

[1] the best things in life [2] andy warhol [3] “k” is for kid [4] alphabet “hi” [5] no place like home [6] dream big

[1] may the force be with you [2] just like you [3] do what you love [4] happy happy [5] work hard

[1] the best is yet to come [2] modern art [3] high heels [4] this too shall pass

[1] keep calm and carry on [2] italian subway [3] my sunshine [4] ode to helvetica

[1] let them eat cake [2] live what you love [3] life is a daring adventure [4] new york cities

[1] keep calm parody [2] love [3] you are here [4] helvetica vowels

These are a all a really easy way to add some color to your space for not a lot of money. Plus 90% of them are in Helvetica which always makes us both weak at the knees :)


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